About Us

What we believe in

Poiyah Media believes firmly in reputation and the goodwill of companies that operate in its respective communities. Sharing the story of the company and its purpose are critical. Therefore, we strive to not only boost image/brand but most importantly reputation. Relationship with each partner is key to allow these messages to freely express themselves. Upon engagement, each product/service should be as good as it can be to ensure that public relations and communication are only secondary. As our slogan resonates “Word of Mouth”, we wish to only create awareness but allow your brand to be as good as what the next person would say.


Poiyah Media was founded by Ilke Platt and is 100% owned by a black Namibian female entrepreneur. Services include the following:

  • Media Coverage – Through well written and thought out articles to captivate an audience
  • Conceptualisation Public Relations Campaigns – Detailed execution process
  • Content Generation - Messaging suitable for your brand and timely delivery
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – The ability to define most suitable projects and execution towards an impactful cause with measurement delivery, this also includes drive towards staff involvement
  • Brand Management –Communications and public relations strategies to identify key areas of improvement